Snow Scenes

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Whoever said it was impossible to make it snow? Not the Union Ice Company. For decades the ice industry has provided snowmaking capabilities for the produce and fish industries. As seen in photos on the History page the snow was blown into train cars and fishing boats to maintain and extend the freshness for the cargo. Large 300 lb. blocks of ice are lowered into a crusher/blower machine that pulverize the ice down to snow and then slings it out of a hose that can be aimed in any direction.

Back in the early 1970’s the Special Effects companies for the Motion Picture Industry discovered this process as a way to create a very realistic snowy environment when filming winter type scenes. Instead of moving a production crew and equipment to a remote location where there is natural snow and hope that the weather cooperates, an ice company with an abundant supply of 300lb. blocks and  an “Ice Blower” can be brought out anywhere locally to lend mother nature a hand. This is often done on a movie studio's back lot. The other advantage to this is that the snow depth and placement is in the complete control of the film’s director.

Since then, this custom “Snow Scene” has transformed countless private residences, city parks and company events into a holiday Winter Wonderland. It remains a very popular and growing service of the Union Ice Company.

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